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Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free

Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free


The aroma of Bergamot Essential Oil is reminiscent to that of orange, but it is more complex and almost has an underlying floral characteristic to it. It may be helpful in use during periods of depression and is known for its ability to help combat oily skin and acne.
100% Certified Organic, Pure Essential Oil

Price: $380.00 10ml

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia
Method of Extraction: Cold pressed 
Parts of Plant Used:  Dried fruit
Origin: Italy

*Regain self confidence and uplift your moods with the fresh, sweet scent of bergamot. 

*Gives an energy boost. 

*Helps reduce stress and anxiety, excellent for tension headaches and migraines. 

*In addition to its scent, Bergamot has attracted attention for its cleansing properties, and it is often used as a luxurious ingredient in shampoos, soaps, and cleansers. 

*Note: Bergaptene is the naturally occurring constituent found in cold pressed Bergamot Essential Oil that makes it highly phototoxic. Our Bergamot Oil Bergaptene Free is with the bergaptene removed so that you can safely use it even during day time.


**100% Certified Organic

  • Diffuse in the air to create an uplifting, positive environment. 
  • Place in the palms of your hands and inhale to experience a calming aroma during unsettling times. 
  • Dilute Bergamot oil in Ausganica carrier oils (about 2.5% oil per base) and use for an invigorating body massage. 
  • Include a few drops in homemade cleaners to add an uplifting aroma to your chores.

These are only a few basic examples. There are many more ways to use essential oils that you will learn in the course of your journey with plant essences and aromatherapy.



Do Not Ingest.

Avoid During Pregnancy.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Consult with Professional before Use.

Store below 30oC