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Basil Oil

Basil Oil


Basil Essential Oil has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that can be energising and refreshing. It is said to promote alertness and mental focus.
100% Certified Organic, Pure Essential Oil

Price: $510.00 10ml

Botanical Name:    Ocimum basilicum ct linalool
Method of Extraction:    Steam distillation 
Parts of Plant Used:    Dired Herbs
Origin:    Egypt

* Sharpening focus 

* Lessening stress & tension. 

* Provides restorative benefits to both the mind and body due to its high linalool content. 

* Comforts sore muscles & joints, reduces tension when applied to temples and back of neck. 

* Basil is cooling to the skin and can be used to soothe minor irritations. 

* When diffused, Basil helps promote clear breathing, and healthy respiratory function.


** 100% Certified Organic

Basil Oil is an energising oil and is best used during the morning and daytime hours.

Bath  - Put a few drops (about 5 or so) of essential oil in a tub of warm water. Foot or hand baths are also fine (2-3 drops).

Diffusion - One of the most fun and common methods, that can be used by almost anyone. Simply place a small amount of oil in a way that will be diffused into the air in common areas. Use it to create harmony and balance in the home. There are a variety of diffusers out there from simple stick and jar types to automated vaporizers.

Massage - Simply dilute your chosen oil in carrier oils (about 2.5% essential oil per base).  Just spread on hands, massage onto skin.


These are only a few basic examples. There are many more ways to use essential oils that you will learn in the course of your journey with plant essences and aromatherapy.



Do Not Ingest.

Avoid During Pregnancy.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Consult with Professional before Use.

Store below 30oC